Get the Best Senior Dog Food For Your Best Friend

Do you know why it is important to get the best senior dog food for your aging best friend? As we all know our pet dogs have a shorter lifespan than us. They grow up from pups doing things very fast. A dog can be considered a senior at the age of 8 years and above. It can be equalized to a 55+ senior human being. This is surely painful because we may lose our pet just when it is being such a darling.



As dogs begin to age their food and nutritional values too have to change. They cannot be given the same food always. Their diet should be well balanced as we would treat an adult human being. It should be treated with a diet that is low in fat and protein and high in fiber. This is because older dogs are prone to constipation. They could even get prone to arthritis.



You should keep a watch on your dog as it ages and check for any symptoms of over weight or loss of weight suddenly. They should be reported to the vet and precautions should be taken to lower the fat content in the food. Finding this best dog foods on the market for your pet dog is very important and after consulting with the vet the required food should be provided.

There are many types of senior dog foods in the market. For instance, you can feed it with Bakers Senior Bites 7+ Chicken, Rice & Veg. Or try James Well beloved Senior/Light Complete dry balanced dog food. This is hypo-allergenic and exceptionally gentle on the intestines. Your dog would love you for it.